Hilton Hotel Loading Dock Instructions

The hotel Loading Dock is located on 54th Street between 6th & 7th Avenue for access to the Ballroom and/or Exhibit Hall.  A schedule of load-in/load-out times must be submitted to the Catering or Event Services office no less than 10 days prior to start date for all activities, including all sub-contractors that have been hired by the vendor.

All trucks loading or unloading of exhibit material are to be initially staged west of 7th Ave on 54th Street.  As 54th Street East of 7th Ave. is considered a quiet zone, all loud disturbing noises (i.e. horn blowing) are to be avoided unless an emergency exists, which would warrant this type of activity.  At no time shall any vehicle block access to 1325 & 1335 loading dock entrance ways.  Violations will result in an immediate shut down of dock areas.  All truck cabs must disengage from trailers when loading or unloading at 1325 Ave of Americas dock.  Pedestrian passage via sidewalks must not be impeded.

  1. The Hotel Loading Dock is   11’9” high and 22’10”wide.  It has 2 bays.  The largest bay will accommodate a tractor-trailer 41’ in length and 11’9” in height. The other bay will accommodate a tractor-trailer no longer than 33’ long and 11’9” high.  The Dock can handle trailers with cabs, not extending on the sidewalk, up to 41” long.   Served by one freight elevator outlined above, adjustable from the street level to 4’ height.  There is also a ramp with a conveyor belt which feeds to the 2nd floor.  Ramp and conveyor belt are accessed from the permanent concrete platform in the smaller bay that is 41” high.
  1. The Americas Hall loading dock located on 54th Street between 6th & 7th Avenue . The dock is 14’high and 23’wide.  It has 2 bays and both will accommodate a tractor trailer of 48’ in length.  The bays have hydraulic levelers that are 82”widex80”deep.  The dock can handle trailers with cabs not extending on the sidewalk up to 48’ long.
  1. Trailers with refrigerator units on top will not fit in any of the docks but can be unloaded on the street with a forklift

Moving Equipment:

The contractor /vendor must supply their own transportation devices (to include: flatbed trucks, forklifts, electric and manual pallet jacks, packaging materials and equipment) to move equipment in and out; carts or lifts should be electrical.  It is imperative that the vendor provide sufficient amounts of equipment to move the drayage as it is against hotel regulations to lend any hotel equipment to outside contractors or vendors.

Forklifts must have a back-up light and must be Liquid Propane Operated Lifts (for outdoor use only).  Forklifts used indoors must be battery operated.  Spare LPG tanks must be stored on racks on the loading dock.  The only way a forklift is to be operated in the meeting space is with hotel management and security department present due to limitation of height clearance and fire code standards.  All forklifts and electric pallet jacks must only be used by experienced drivers who are certified by OSHA.  Please bring a copy of the certificate for Hotel Security to review.

Protective Floor boards (carpet on bottom side) must be provided by the vendor and used when moving in drayage or any other heavy freight into the ballrooms.  All boards must be in place before drayage may be brought to the exhibition hall.  Protective boards may not be stored on the loading dock

When designing stage sets, screens, draping, etc., safe and proper access into ballroom areas from back service corridors must be established.  Safe access paths into each room must be created; obstruction by equipment, cables, A/V cases, etc. will not be allowed.